Drostan's Well

By Rolf Kleef

Sharing events, articles, and updates, about civil society, open data, and technology.

Sharing events, articles, and updates, about civil society, open data, and technology.

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Drostan's Well - Issue #7

Over the last weeks, I caught up with George, a friend since the early days of online campaigning and online collaboration. We're now both looking at articial intelligence, in terms of machine learning as well as knowledge graphs. We set up regular check-ins,…


Drostan's Well - Issue #6: open source funding

I work with a lot open source tools, and in work with clients, any software we develop is usually published as open source code too. However, too often the main reason is to have "free software" as in "free beer". It is hard to organise funding for maintenanc…


Drostan's Well - Issue #5

The end of 2021 brought two bits of good news regarding Antora and Apache Hop, two platforms I have been using this year, and will be working with a lot more in 2022. It's a period of reflection and setting my ambitions and goals for 2022, something to share …


Drostan's Well - Issue #4

The end-of-year work caught up with me, so episode 4 skips the bi-weekly cycle I'm trying to establish. One more to go before the end of the year :-)


Drostan's Well - Issue #3

That's it for this one!~~Rolf.


Drostan's Well #2

Over the years, Max Schrems has succeeded with legal challenges of Facebook (and other Big Tech companies) over their lack of respect for European privacy laws. Under the GDPR, the NGO he founded, noyb, "none of your business", can and does act on behalf of E…


Drostan's Well #1

I'm restarting an effort to regularly aggregate interesting articles and links I find on the web. This is episode 1.As in the distant past, it will be a mix of topics around internet, civil society, and online collaboration, with some technical topics as well…